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Lifting Heavy as a Woman

Many women (and girls) believe they will get bulky from lifting heavy weights. In the video below, female figure competitor Kelsea Koenreich discusses whether or not this is true (and why).


No, women will not get bulky from lifting heavy weights. Diet and hormones play a much larger role in muscular development.

Monsterettes – Powerlifting Women Video

These powerlifting ladies are strong! They’re the Monsterettes from Monster Garage Gym.

Ideals for People You Love

Below is another great video from Elliott Hulse. He received an e-mail from a viewer wanting to get his girlfriend to ‘lift like a man’ (read: lift heavy) and was seeking advice on how to make this happen.


Do not subject people you love to your ideals. If what you do motivates them to copy you or they ask you for advice, great! Give them advice, if they ask for it.

People should be free to do whatever the fuck they want to do. Provide guidance, if they ask for it. Otherwise let them do what they want. (Maybe try to get them to stop if they’re smoking meth.)


The point is that you should not have an expectation that the people you love will change the way they are just because that’s what you would like to happen. If¬† you try to force people into molds you have created for them, they might try to fit into these molds for a while to make you happy. However, they will most likely resent you for it at some point down the line, because it’s not really what they would like to do with their life.