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Equipment Starter Kit for Strongman Training from Brian Alsruhe

If you’re into strongman training (also known as Crossfit for strong people), then here is a cool video from strongman Brian Alsruhe about which equipment to prioritize if you’re looking to put together a home gym fit for some strongman training….

Thor Bjornsson Deadlifts 432kg / 952lbs for Reps

For those unaware, Thor Bjornsson is not only the Mountain on Game of Thrones, but he’s also a professional strongman from the land of the giants, Iceland. He did a deadlift session on an elephant bar together with Larry Wheels and ended up pulling a massive 432kg / 952lbs deadlift for repetitions. Go to 9:15…

Brian Shaw’s $150k Home Gym

Elite strongman Brian Shaw won World’s Strongest Man four times, so you know he trains like an absurdly large animal. No wonder his home gym cost $150,000 to put together! It’s his job to be strong-as-hell, so putting that much cash into a home gym is a solid investment on his part. It’s like the…

Strength Camp Challenge – Win $5,000

Some quick information on the Strength Camp Challenge. Find out what it is and how to sign up. 1st place wins $5k!

Chad Wesley Smith 1 Minute Q&A

Some 1min Q&A videos from professional strongman Chad Wesley Smith. This guy knows his stuff!

Elliott Hulse and Kali Muscle Workout

Elliott Hulse and Kali Muscle working out together at the strengthcamp gym in this video.