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Optimal Training for Shoulders

Jeff Nippard posted a great video on how to train your shoulders for his Technique Tuesday series this week, more specifically your side delts. Okay, okay… it’s an 8 minute video about how to do lateral raises. But, in my defense, it’s very good and you will probably learn something new!…

Eric Cressey is a Bad Motherfucker!

Eric Cressey pulls 600lbs for 3 reps and also provides insanely valuable shoulder health tips (among other things).

Should You Overhead Press?

An article outlining my opinion on whether or not people should utilize overhead pressing movements in their workout routines.

Tests and Exercises for Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is important, especially if you’re planning to bench press and overhead press heavy weight on a regular basis without destroying your shoulder(s). So what can you do to help prevent shoulder injuries?