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Eric Cressey is a Bad Motherfucker!

Probably the most knowledgeable guy that posts shit on the Internet about shoulder issues is Eric Cressey. Dealing with some shoulder issues myself from time to time, I have gotten a ton of valuable information from the things he’s written and can only recommend it for anyone with a shoulder problem.

He’s also strong! At around 165lbs (give or take, no idea what he weighs exactly right now, but he competed at 165), here he is pulling 600lbs for 3 repetitions on the conventional deadlift.

A couple days prior to the video above, he posted this video of him pulling 550lbs for 5!

Seeing him pull those numbers at such a low body weight probably makes you want some deadlift tips from the man. Here are those.

But most of his value for you will come from the tips he gives on his web site and other places, i.e. his epic shoulder savers series of articles on T-Nation.