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Calgary Barbell on YouTube does the best form checks!

Aside from being a strong-as-hell powerlifter from Canada, Bryce Krawczyk of Calgary Barbell also provides the best form checks on YouTube for powerlifting-focused lifters looking to improve their squat, bench and deadlift. Below is an example of what I mean.

Watch more of his videos at his YouTube channel.

Richard Hawthorne On Belted Versus Beltless Training

I think this is a unique opinion on the topic of belt usage for powerlifting, so it’s worth sharing. I’d also recommend watching the other videos on Richard Hawthorne’s YouTube channel.

If you have your doubts about taking advice for him, look him up on YouTube. He is insanely strong, especially for his size.

Jonnie Candito Placed 3rd at IPF World’s

At the IPF Raw World Championship, United States powerlifter Jonnie Candito placed 3rd to get a bronze medal in the 83kg category. His lifts were: 255kg/562lbs squat, 145kg/319.5lbs bench press, and 282.5kg/622.8lbs deadlift. This got him a  682.5kg/1504.7lbs total! He got a bronze medal for his deadlift and his total.

Check out Jonnie’s YouTube channel here. He provides some very valuable information about lifting there and also showcases his strength in many of his videos. He is definitely one of my favorite fitness YouTubers.

Congrats Jonnie! You’re a beast!

Adidas Adipowers or Other Oly Shoes?!

If you’ve looked into Olympic weightlifting shoes – either for Olympic weightlifting or just squatting – then you’ve probably come across the Adidas Adipowers and Nike Romaleos as two options. (Both of those shoes, among other lifting shoes, can be purchased at Rogue Fitness.)



The video below from Brandon Campbell (check out his YouTube channel here) explains some of the cons of his Adidas Adipowers.


– The Adipowers are a great shoe, but have three primary faults in Brandon’s opinion.

– CON 1: They’re only available in two different colors.

– CON 2: They cost a lot.

– CON 3: The shoe itself is fairly narrow. The Nike Romaleos are better suited for wider feet.


A while back, I wrote a full article on Oly shoes, but I thought the topic was worth revisiting a little bit with this post due to Brandon’s video.

Personally, I wear the Do-Win Rogue shoes with a 3/4″ heel and I’m happy with them. I don’t do any Olympic weightlifting, so I can’t comment on that aspect of them, but for squatting they’re great. You can grab a pair of those, the Adidas Adipower shoes and/or the Nike Romaleos shoes at Rogue Fitness.


Carl Yngvar Christensen World Record Total

In the video below you’ll see Norwegian powerlifter Carl Yngvar Christensen set a new world record.

1200kg/2646lbs total (WR) – 485kg/1069lbs squat, 337.5kg/744lbs bench press, 377.5kg/832lbs deadlift A true Viking beast.

Derek Kendal Squats 900lbs for 5 Reps

Prepare to have your mind blown. In the video below, powerlifter Derek Kendal squats 900lbs for five (yes, FIVE) repetitions. Wow.

ChelseaLifts First Powerlifting Meet Video

Chelsea Lifts is a fairly popular YouTube fitness channel with close to 9,000 subscribers. Here is her first powerlifting meet. She bench pressed 135lbs and deadlifted 270lbs. Congrats to her!

She’s sponsored by Citadel Nutrition now. Some of their supplements, if you’re interested: Tier 1 Pre-Workout | Fish Oil

Monsterettes – Powerlifting Women Video

These powerlifting ladies are strong! They’re the Monsterettes from Monster Garage Gym.

Powerlifting Motivation Video – Light The Fire Beneath You

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what to tell you…

Natalya Kuzmina is a Strong Woman – Videos

Female powerlifter Natalya Kuzmina from Kazakhstan recently hit IPF world records in the squat, bench, deadlift, and total for women at 84kg/185lbs at IPF Worlds in Russia. Her 560kg/1232lbs world record total consisted of a 210kg/462lbs squat, a 125kg/275lbs bench press, and a 225kg/495lbs deadlift.

The most impressive part about all of that? Those aren’t even her personal records! She actually beat all of those lifts at the Kazakhstan Classic Championships back in March 2013. Below are the videos of the lifts that got her an incredible total of 597.5kg/1317lbs.


225kg/496lbs Squat


132.5kg/292lbs Bench


240kg/529lbs Deadlift


Do I even lift?

Good Reads for the Week

Here are some articles that might interest you.

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You’ll Never Squat Again: Why Physical Therapists and Doctors Should Learn Some Biomechanics by Bret Contreras

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Powerlifting Mentality Video

Mark Bell and Brandon Lilly are both awesome.