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Jonnie Candito Placed 3rd at IPF World’s

At the IPF Raw World Championship, United States powerlifter Jonnie Candito placed 3rd to get a bronze medal in the 83kg category. His lifts were: 255kg/562lbs squat, 145kg/319.5lbs bench press, and 282.5kg/622.8lbs deadlift. This got him a  682.5kg/1504.7lbs total! He got a bronze medal for his deadlift and his total.

Check out Jonnie’s YouTube channel here. He provides some very valuable information about lifting there and also showcases his strength in many of his videos. He is definitely one of my favorite fitness YouTubers.

Congrats Jonnie! You’re a beast!

My Favorite Protein Powder

I don’t usually endorse a lot of supplements, but when it comes to protein powder… you really can’t go wrong if it helps you hit your protein requirements and tastes fucking delicious like this stuff.

Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey

The regular ON whey is delicious as well and awesome, but it does contain some artificial sweetener and flavors. Their natural whey does not.


It comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors. Natural flavoring limits the selection of flavors, so get the regular ON whey if you want some crazy flavors.

It blends awesomely into water or milk with just a spoon to stir it in, but you can also toss it into a shaker cup or blender to make yourself a fancy shake.

CT Fletcher – The Steroid Challenge Video

In this video, CT Fletcher challenges you to come visit him and give him a drug test – at any time you want (essentially a random drug test) – to prove he is a natural bodybuilder and not using steroids. Pretty cool. Go give him a drug test!