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Powerlifting Motivation Video – Light The Fire Beneath You

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what to tell you…

Ideals for People You Love

Below is another great video from Elliott Hulse. He received an e-mail from a viewer wanting to get his girlfriend to ‘lift like a man’ (read: lift heavy) and was seeking advice on how to make this happen.


Do not subject people you love to your ideals. If what you do motivates them to copy you or they ask you for advice, great! Give them advice, if they ask for it.

People should be free to do whatever the fuck they want to do. Provide guidance, if they ask for it. Otherwise let them do what they want. (Maybe try to get them to stop if they’re smoking meth.)


The point is that you should not have an expectation that the people you love will change the way they are just because that’s what you would like to happen. If  you try to force people into molds you have created for them, they might try to fit into these molds for a while to make you happy. However, they will most likely resent you for it at some point down the line, because it’s not really what they would like to do with their life.

Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirts

These are pretty cool gym t-shirts based on the British propaganda posters for World War II that read, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Rock the fuck out of these “Keep Calm and Lift On” t-shirts at gyms across the Earth, lift bros and sisters.


Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirt with Small Text and Crown

The first one is with small text that reads “Keep Calm and Lift On” printed onto the chest, topped off with the crown just like the original propaganda posters. It comes in four different colors (white, light blue, light pink and grey) and a variety of sizes.



Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirt with Large Text and Squat Icon

This is the one I’d get for myself. The text is large and the crown has been replaced by a lifting-related icon of a guy squatting. Although he could be quarter squatting, I’ll assume he hit depth.

The t-shirt comes in sizes S – XXXL, so just about anyone should be able to get one that fits. It also comes in 19 different colors: Asphalt, black, brown, forest green, gold, heather grey, kelly green, light blue, navy, olive, orange, pink, red, royal blue, slate, turquoise, white, eggplant, and cranberry. I had no idea all those colors even existed.



Keep Calm and Lift On Spaghetti Tank Top for Women

These feature the crown and “Keep Calm and Lift On” text. They come in sizes medium and large for women. The colors available are pink and white.



That’s that shit I do like.

Do You Even Lift? Video Prank

Vitaly from VITALYZDTV is probably my favorite YouTube prankster. He recently did some funny lifting related prank videos.


“Do You Even Lift?” prank video:


“Do You Even Lift?” (Gym Edition) prank video:


“Do You Even Squat?” (Ladies Edition) prank video:


He’s a wild and crazy guy, that Vitaly.