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How to Hump a Barbell: Barbell Hip Thrust Tutorial

This week, Jeff Nippard posted a video that teaches us how to effectively hump a barbell in order to make our butts thick, solid, tight. In order to increase glute activity and improve your barbell humping skills, really squeeze those butt cheeks together and add some weight….

Optimal Training for Shoulders

Jeff Nippard posted a great video on how to train your shoulders for his Technique Tuesday series this week, more specifically your side delts. Okay, okay… it’s an 8 minute video about how to do lateral raises. But, in my defense, it’s very good and you will probably learn something new!…

Jeff Nippard knows how you can build big triceps

This video is pretty cool from Jeff Nippard. He explains how you can train smart to make your triceps bigger.