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Lifting Heavy as a Woman

Many women (and girls) believe they will get bulky from lifting heavy weights. In the video below, female figure competitor Kelsea Koenreich discusses whether or not this is true (and why).


No, women will not get bulky from lifting heavy weights. Diet and hormones play a much larger role in muscular development.

ChelseaLifts First Powerlifting Meet Video

Chelsea Lifts is a fairly popular YouTube fitness channel with close to 9,000 subscribers. Here is her first powerlifting meet. She bench pressed 135lbs and deadlifted 270lbs. Congrats to her!

She’s sponsored by Citadel Nutrition now. Some of their supplements, if you’re interested: Tier 1 Pre-Workout | Fish Oil

Monsterettes – Powerlifting Women Video

These powerlifting ladies are strong! They’re the Monsterettes from Monster Garage Gym.