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Omar Isuf 500 Pound Deadlift Challenge WINNER

Below is the video featuring the top 5 contestants of the Omar Isuf 500lbs (227kg) deadlift challenge for max reps @ a body weight under 200lbs (91kg). The winner banged out 17 reps!

Tom Martin won the challenge. Check out his YouTube channel here.

Man in Wheelchair Attempts 500lbs Deadlift

This one’s from Omar Isuf’s YouTube channel. Pretty cool.

The 500lbs deadlift challenge video is below.

Strength Camp Challenge – Win $5,000

Elliott Hulse is holding a Strength Camp Challenge with six events:

Deadlift Medley, Medicine Ball Back Throw, Farmer’s Walk, Push Up / Pull Up Challenge, Prowler Push / Keg Carry Medley and a mystery event!

The location is Clearwater, Florida and the date and time are Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

1st place winner gets $5,000! 2nd place gets $1k and 3rd place gets $500.

Click here for more information on the event. 100 entries are going to be accepted. The cost is $65 to enter and there are no weight classes.

Accept Challenges

In the video below, Elliott Hulse answers a viewer’s question about replacing squats in a 5×5 program. I assume it’s something like Reg Park’s 5×5, StrongLifts 5×5, Madcow’s 5×5 or maybe even Texas Method, but that’s not really the issue being discussed in the video. I’ve added some cliffs and personal notes under the video. (And no, you cannot replace squats in these programs.)

Cliffs and Personal Notes:

If something is difficult and presents a challenge to you, do it. (Within reason of course. Don’t try to jump off a bridge because you’d like to be able to fly and expect to make it work.)

If your knees hurt from squatting, it’s likely a mobility, stability, muscle imbalance and/or strength imbalance issue. Figure out what’s causing the problem, fix it and continue to squat. A nice resource for fixing just about any lifting-related issue you might have (unless you require surgery or just have a disability that completely rules out some lifts) is Kelly Starrett’s ‘Supple Leopard‘ book.


Approach all difficult situations with this mindset of putting in your best effort to overcome obstacles and you will succeed in life as a whole.

The dedication and ability to effectively solve problems are two characteristics that can be honed in the gym. The newly acquired discipline and will to achieve a goal can easily carry over to other areas of your life.