Lift Bros was launched in 2013 by some German guy named Sascha, who likes to lift things up and put them down. ‘Things’ being loaded barbells for the most part in this instance. He also enjoys consuming large amounts of meat (i.e. bacon and steak).


Who is Sascha? I am not a doctor, chiropractor, or nutritionist. In fact, I never formally studied anything related to exercise or nutrition. All the knowledge gathered here comes from years I have spent improving myself to become stronger in an effort to stay healthy long term. It is purely out of personal interest that I have created this web site to share my knowledge on these topics. None of the information I provide should be viewed as professional advice on any of the topics covered, because it’s not.

Most (possibly all?) of the articles provided on this web site are hand-picked by myself, but it’s all just advice and you should form your own opinions.

How do I have any credibility at all to be providing you with nutritional and training advice? I have been weight training seriously for around 3 years (with roughly 7 years prior to that spent lifting weights in a fashion I would not advise anyone to do), I read a lot about nutrition and training from reputable authors on a regular basis, as well as gathering information via videos (i.e. on YouTube). Basically, I’m just looking to share what has worked for me and what I have seen work for others. Pick and choose what you think will benefit you in your journey to become stronger, healthier, faster, skinnier, etc.

Current bests in the gym @ 34 years old, 86kg/190lbs body weight (as of 12/27/2018):

Barbell Back Squat: 210kg/463lbs

Barbell Flat Bench Press: 155kg/342lbs

Barbell Conventional Deadlift: 265kg/584lbs

Barbell Overhead Press: 100kg/220lbs

Barbell Front Squat: 150kg/331lbs

Pendlay Row (Strict Bent Over Barbell Row): 140kg/309lbs

I hope you enjoy, and find helpful, at least some of the things I have provided here.

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