Equipment Starter Kit for Strongman Training from Brian Alsruhe

If you’re into strongman training (also known as Crossfit for strong people), then here is a cool video from strongman Brian Alsruhe about which equipment to prioritize if you’re looking to put together a home gym fit for some strongman training.

Or maybe you can store some equipment at the gym you go to for training. Whatever the case may be, his tips are solid. He grouped it into the different types of events most strongman competitions have, and which pieces of equipment make most sense to buy when you’re starting out on your path to becoming the World’s Strongest Man or Woman. Great advice!

For your deadlift and squat training, he recommends sticking to a barbell. If you’re worried about your grip, you could additionally mimic an axle with some fat bar grips. Those are cheap and get the job done.

For pressing events in strongman, he recommends getting circus dumbbells, a strongman log bar and a keg.

For strongman medley events, he thinks you should buy a strongman yoke, a keg, some sandbags, and farmer’s walk handles to train farmer’s walk with. Basically, you should carry something heavy for distance in various ways.

He additionally recommends to buy a sled with some rope and a few truck tires. If you can do it and have room to store them, you could also make yourself some atlas stones with atlas stone molds. Here is a video on how to do that.