Month: February 2019

Equipment Starter Kit for Strongman Training from Brian Alsruhe

If you’re into strongman training (also known as Crossfit for strong people), then here is a cool video from strongman Brian Alsruhe about which equipment to prioritize if you’re looking to put together a home gym fit for some strongman training….

Brandon Campbell from Base Barbell Will Pump Up the Volume

I enjoy watching Brandon Campbell’s videos on YouTube. Generally, they’re informative and I like his approach to training, plus he’s got a unique sense of humor that I like. In the following video, he describes his plans for the near future….

Build Big Legs with Three Exercises

Another cool video where Silent Mike just sits there and… isn’t silent. He talks about efficient leg training with compound movements in this one. And he shares which three exercises he thinks are best to build big legs….

How to Hump a Barbell: Barbell Hip Thrust Tutorial

This week, Jeff Nippard posted a video that teaches us how to effectively hump a barbell in order to make our butts thick, solid, tight. In order to increase glute activity and improve your barbell humping skills, really squeeze those butt cheeks together and add some weight….

Thor Bjornsson Deadlifts 432kg / 952lbs for Reps

For those unaware, Thor Bjornsson is not only the Mountain on Game of Thrones, but he’s also a professional strongman from the land of the giants, Iceland. He did a deadlift session on an elephant bar together with Larry Wheels and ended up pulling a massive 432kg / 952lbs deadlift for repetitions. Go to 9:15…