Silent Mike says supplements don’t work

In the video above, fitness YouTuber Silent Mike outlines why he believes all supplements are a scam and they don’t work. I agree.

– All supplements (including creatine, beta-alanine, protein powder, pre-workouts, etc.) are a scam according to Silent Mike.
– At best, you may get a 1% improvement from taking them, if all things like diet, sleep and your workout program are in order.
– He recommends checking out to learn more about supplements and what they’re actually good for.
– The only supplement he sees a slight benefit from, if you aren’t getting enough protein in your normal diet, is a protein powder.

In my opinion, he makes a lot of very valid points in the video. You really shouldn’t be wasting money on supplements. Instead, invest that cash into buying high quality whole foods like meat and vegetables to get your macronutrient and micronutrient requirements in. This will give you much better results than any combination of supplements.

I’ve tried various supplements over the years and never really felt like they made a difference. I’ve actually done away with all supplements in my diet aside from Vitamin D and the occasional protein shake, so I can really get behind this advice here from Silent Mike.