Optimal Training for Shoulders

Jeff Nippard posted a great video on how to train your shoulders for his Technique Tuesday series this week, more specifically your side delts. Okay, okay… it’s an 8 minute video about how to do lateral raises. But, in my defense, it’s very good and you will probably learn something new!

If you want to get wider shoulders, there is most likely no way around doing some lateral raises in your training program. Knowing how to do them properly and how to plan them optimally in your program can thus be a great benefit to you and your broad (soon… SOON) shoulders.

What Jeff covers in the video. But who was Jeff?!

  • What muscles are targeted by side lateral raises
  • Exercise options, f.ex. the dumbbell lateral raise or various cable lateral raises… and even ones using resistance bands
  • Why he prefers cables for lateral raises
  • A recommendation to do higher repetitions on lateral raises to progress it, as opposed to adding weight
  • Other ways to progressively overload the lateral raise without adding more weight
  • Actual technique of the movement for dumbbell lateral raises (very helpful info there)
  • Common errors with the movement
  • Controlled cheating may be a useful advanced technique
  • In his opinion, lateral raises cannot be replaced by any other movement(s) in a training program