My Favorite Protein Powder

I’m now 34 years old and have been drinking protein shakes on a regular basis for about 15 of those years I’ve been alive, so I feel like I can really provide some value on this very important topic for anyone that lifts and wants to supplement with some extra protein in their diet.

It goes without saying that most protein powders are disgusting and shouldn’t even exist, and some may even legitimately be trying to poison you, but the one I’ve enjoyed the most of the years is hands down Optimum Nutrition’s protein powder.

For the best flavor of this majestically delicious protein powder, it’s probably a toss-up between double rich chocolate and extreme milk chocolate.

Of course you should make up your own mind and try out a bunch of weird flavors too, but I generally recommend sticking to vanilla or chocolate when you’re buying a 5lbs tub of protein powder for 50 bucks. If you purchase an exotic flavor, get a smaller tub… because most likely you’ll grow tired of it.