Month: January 2019

Optimal Training for Shoulders

Jeff Nippard posted a great video on how to train your shoulders for his Technique Tuesday series this week, more specifically your side delts. Okay, okay… it’s an 8 minute video about how to do lateral raises. But, in my defense, it’s very good and you will probably learn something new!…

Calgary Barbell Comeback!

Bryce and the gang from Calgary Barbell probably put out my favorite YouTube content when it comes to lifting. It’s always entertaining, informative… and even educational if you’re really into powerlifting. Or weight training in general actually. Maybe it’s that unique Canadian humor that makes the channel so special, I’m not sure. But I know…

Lifting Recovery Tips from Alan Thrall

One of my favorite lifters on YouTube has to be Alan Thrall. Not only is his beard and hair completely epic, but he’s also a great lifting coach that shares a ton of valuable information through his videos on YouTube. And this one is no different. It’s about recovery and how to teach your body…

Cutting / Bulking / Maintaining Weight as a Powerlifter

In the following video, Jim Elli from Reactive Training Systems (RTS) discusses cutting, bulking and maintaining weight as a powerlifter. If you compete in powerlifting, or at least train for this, then when should you be going on a cut? When should you bulk up some… and when should you try to maintain your weight. Well, it depends on…

Brian Shaw’s $150k Home Gym

Elite strongman Brian Shaw won World’s Strongest Man four times, so you know he trains like an absurdly large animal. No wonder his home gym cost $150,000 to put together! It’s his job to be strong-as-hell, so putting that much cash into a home gym is a solid investment on his part. It’s like the…

Silent Mike says supplements don’t work

In his latest video on YouTube, Silent Mike outlines why he thinks all supplements are a scam. And I agree with him.

Did Alan Thrall get a haircut and his beard trimmed?!

Oh no! Did Alan Thrall from Untamed Strength gym really get a haircut and trim his epic beard to start 2019 off wrong?!

My Favorite Protein Powder

I’m not the biggest fan of supplements, but a good protein powder is a nice thing to have in your arsenal of dietary supplements that might actually be worth the money. In this post, I share my favorite one with you.

Happy New Year!

2018 was a great year for lifting, but let us pray to the Iron Gods for more great personal records this year in 2019.