242.5kg/535lbs Deadlift PR + Cue That Helped Me

Yesterday, I pulled a 242.5kg/535lbs deadlift PR shown below. My body weight is around 85kg/187lbs right now.

The deadlift session before this one, I failedĀ atĀ that same weight right under my knees twice. Then I happened to watch the following video on Omar Isuf’s YouTube channel.

While I’m not a fan of changing technique when I’m going for maximal weights, I decided to try out what he’s talking about and it seems to have benefited me almost immediately. I certainly didn’t miraculously get stronger over the weekend and I felt pretty good during both training sessions. Needless to say, I’ll continue to pull with my lats engaged in the way Jeremy Hamilton explains in the video and hopefully continue to set new PRs in the future.