Adidas Adipowers or Other Oly Shoes?!

If you’ve looked into Olympic weightlifting shoes – either for Olympic weightlifting or just squatting – then you’ve probably come across the Adidas Adipowers and Nike Romaleos as two options. (Both of those shoes, among other lifting shoes, can be purchased at Rogue Fitness.)



The video below from Brandon Campbell (check out his YouTube channel here) explains some of the cons of his Adidas Adipowers.


– The Adipowers are a great shoe, but have three primary faults in Brandon’s opinion.

– CON 1: They’re only available in two different colors.

– CON 2: They cost a lot.

– CON 3: The shoe itself is fairly narrow. The Nike Romaleos are better suited for wider feet.


A while back, I wrote a full article on Oly shoes, but I thought the topic was worth revisiting a little bit with this post due to Brandon’s video.

Personally, I wear the Do-Win Rogue shoes with a 3/4″ heel and I’m happy with them. I don’t do any Olympic weightlifting, so I can’t comment on that aspect of them, but for squatting they’re great. You can grab a pair of those, the Adidas Adipower shoes and/or the Nike Romaleos shoes at Rogue Fitness.