DIY: How to Make a Poverty Post Landmine

If you want to make your own landmine attachment for your home gym (or even to take to the gym with you, if they don’t have a landmine attachment), you’ve come to the right place.

It’s easy to just shove a barbell into a corner, but sometimes this will damage the wall. Depending on where you train, you might not want this to happen. There are two solutions to your problem!

Solution 1: Buy A Landmine Attachment

There are a few types you can buy. One (like the one pictured below) attaches to a power rack or bolts to the ground. Click the picture to go buy it on Amazon for $27.95 + shipping.


This isn’t a bad option at all. Unfortunately, I live in Germany and the attachment costs me over double that. I also didn’t really want to bolt the attachment to the ground or attach it to my power rack in my garage gym.

Another one is called a post landmine, which you can insert into some stacked weight plates. Rogue sells the one below for $65 + shipping here.


This one is pretty badass and looks nice for sure. Rogue products are usually excellent quality, but again getting it shipped to Germany would’ve bumped the price up a good bit and I probably wouldn’t even drop $65 on a post landmine to be honest.

So the next solution was what I went with instead.

Solution 2: Make Your Own Post Landmine

Now we’ve arrived at the topic of this article. First, I’ll show you some pictures of the finished poverty post landmine. This way you get a rough idea of what you’ll be putting together.



A list of materials you’ll need:

One 2″ x 6″ (15cm long for the non-‘Mericans) pipe nipple – This will be the part that holds the barbell.

One 1 1/2″ x 4″ (4″ = approx. 10cm for anyone living outside of the US) pipe nipple – This will be the post that sticks into the weight plates to hold your landmine attachment in place. If you want to stack more than two plates for whatever reason, you might want to go a little longer than 4″.

A threaded rod. Mine was 10mm x 16.5cm long, which is roughly 1/2″ x 6.5″ long. If it’s a little longer, it’s no big deal really. Just don’t get it shorter than that. – This is what will attach the two pipe nipples together.

Three regular nuts that fit your threaded rod (so 10mm or 1/2″) and two lock nuts that fit it as well.

4-5 washers that fit your threaded rod. I used 5, but you can get by with 4 I guess.

Some duct tape. This isn’t needed, but wrapping the 1 1/2″ pipe nipple in duct tape made it fit a little tighter in the holes of the weight plates.

You should be able to get all of these items at a home improvement store. I couldn’t get pipe nipples that wide, so I ordered them online. Everything together was still under 20€ (approximately $28 at the time I’m writing this) and I have a few threaded rods, nuts and washers left over for future projects. Depending on where you live, it’ll be even cheaper I’m sure.

Tools You Will Need:

A power drill with a metal drill bit to make a hole large enough for the threaded rod you picked up.

Optional (but very helpful): A drill press. This helped me drill straight holes through the pipe nipples. If you don’t own one (I don’t), see if you know someone that does (I do).

Wrenches to tighten the nuts you bought.

How to Assemble Your Poverty Post Landmine:

Drill holes through the pipe nipples as seen in the pictures. The holes should obviously be big enough to fit your threaded rod as mentioned. Use a drill press for accuracy and wear safety goggles would be my recommendations. Stay safe!

Put it together as shown in the pictures above. The lock nuts go on the outside, the rest should be self explanatory.

Optional: Wrap the small pipe nipple in duct tape until it fits tightly into the holes of your weight plates. It will work without this step too though.

And that’s it. That is how you make your own post landmine. Enjoy! Below are some exercises you can use it for!

Meadows Row (One Arm Barbell Row)

Landmine Press

One Arm Landmine Press

Obviously you can do these standing as well.

Landmine Twist

There are many more exercises that can be done with your poverty (or non-poverty) landmine. Just look up something like “landmine exercises” on YouTube and you’ll find a ton of tutorial videos.