Why You Should Walk

Elliott Hulse posted a video today about the importance of walking.


Walk every day.


Walking has more benefits than you might think. As mentioned in the video above, it forms a habit of daily exercise. This is far more important than going on an endless quest to find a ‘magic’ workout routine. It increases calorie expenditure, improves bloodflow, controls stress by relaxing you, etc. Walk outside to get the full benefit (i.e. sunlight and fresh air).

Even for more advanced athletes/lifters, walking is excellent to help maintain heart health and an incredible recovery tool. I walk every day.

Hint: The perfect training routine doesn’t exist. There are many fantastic workout plans, but none of them are ‘magic’.

Going Beyond Walking

OnceĀ  you’re comfortable walking every day for an hour, you can begin to make other changes. A logical next step would be to improve your nutrition.

When you have solid eating habits and you’re walking for an hour every day, think about choosing another goal. If you’d like to lift weights and build some muscle, choose a lifting program. If you’d like to train for a marathon, go for it. Just find something that appeals to you and get after it.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Stay consistent and form long term habits. Walk, eat right and get some other type of exercise you enjoy. Avoid ‘magic’ (read: horse shit) workout programs, ‘perfect’ (read: crash) diets and unrealistic expectations. Good luck!