Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirts

These are pretty cool gym t-shirts based on the British propaganda posters for World War II that read, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Rock the fuck out of these “Keep Calm and Lift On” t-shirts at gyms across the Earth, lift bros and sisters.


Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirt with Small Text and Crown

The first one is with small text that reads “Keep Calm and Lift On” printed onto the chest, topped off with the crown just like the original propaganda posters. It comes in four different colors (white, light blue, light pink and grey) and a variety of sizes.



Keep Calm and Lift On T-Shirt with Large Text and Squat Icon

This is the one I’d get for myself. The text is large and the crown has been replaced by a lifting-related icon of a guy squatting. Although he could be quarter squatting, I’ll assume he hit depth.

The t-shirt comes in sizes S – XXXL, so just about anyone should be able to get one that fits. It also comes in 19 different colors: Asphalt, black, brown, forest green, gold, heather grey, kelly green, light blue, navy, olive, orange, pink, red, royal blue, slate, turquoise, white, eggplant, and cranberry. I had no idea all those colors even existed.



Keep Calm and Lift On Spaghetti Tank Top for Women

These feature the crown and “Keep Calm and Lift On” text. They come in sizes medium and large for women. The colors available are pink and white.



That’s that shit I do like.