Honest Supplement Review from Elliott Hulse

One of the reasons I really like Elliott Hulse’s YouTube channel strengthcamp is his no bullshit approach to both training and nutrition. In the video below, he goes through a supplement box he received from Jacked in a Box (you may also have heard of Jacked Pack).

Cliffs (with a dash of my opinion):

Most supplements are terrible and a waste of money, while there are some supplements that don’t suck.

The supplements Elliott Hulse actually takes are a greens drink from Living Fuel and PaleoMeal (I found it available in vanilla, chocolate, berry, strawberry banana, and strawberry flavors). I also saw that the same company that makes PaleoMeal makes a greens drink called PaleoGreens, which is a little cheaper than the Living Fuel one.

Judging by what he says in the video, coffee is his pre-workout. Mine is also coffee. If you’re too lazy or unable to make coffee, another alternative to get some caffeine would be caffeine pills. They’re way cheaper than most pre-workout supplements. Or maybe instant coffee will work for you?

Elliott thinks a well-balanced diet is most important and supplements should be used to supplement your diet. The only other supplements I remember him ever recommending have been basic ones like creatine and whey protein (I’m linking Optimum Nutrition’s whey because it’s fucking delicious). He’s also mentioned that he takes krill oil in a previous video.


I hope that helps some of  you weed through the lies a lot of the supplement companies are telling you.