Chalk Alternatives

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in need of lifting chalk to get a better grip on the barbell. While many gyms allow the use of chalk, even more (in my experience) do not.

Note: If you do utilize lifting chalk, don’t forget to get a chalk bag. This lifting chalk ball is also pretty cool!



Eco Ball


The gym I currently lift at doesn’t allow the use of chalk, so I can give you a personal recommendation on the chalk alternative I use. It’s called an eco ball and you use it just like chalk, except it doesn’t leave a mess. Your grip on the bar will be improved without the mess of regular chalk.


Liquid Grip


Liquid Grip is a liquid chalk alternative that doesn’t leave a mess. It’s more expensive than the eco ball or regular lifting chalk, but still very effective and there will be virtually no mess at all. I assume 99% of gyms would allow this.

I’ve never used Liquid Grip myself, but my buddy Dan from Home Physique has tested it. His video review is below.

Cliffs: He recommends it.


And that wraps this one up. I hope it helps some of you, who can’t use regular chalk at the gym like me!