Women Should Lift Heavy

It seems many women shy away from lifting heavy weights because they “don’t want to get too bulky”. This is a stupid reason not to lift heavy and get stronger, because 99% of natural females can’t grow significant amounts of muscle tissue to start off. So maybe they should be maximizing the amount they can gain? Secondly, ‘toning’ is actually done by increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. Guess what, ladies? If you keep your body fat constant or even slightly increase it while adding muscle mass, you will still end up looking more ‘toned’ than you do now.

Then you can do a mini cut – if you choose to – and get even more ‘toned’. The end result: You look incredible and you’re stronger, which is generally useful in everyday life. Why the fuck would you stick to baby weights for ‘toning’ when the whole process of toning is sped up by lifting heavy things and growing muscle?

My opinion: Women should stop spending all their time on weight machines, treadmills and doing ‘fat loss programs’ like P90X and Insanity. While cardio can benefit you, it doesn’t have to be your entire routine. Spending some time working with a barbell is definitely a great idea for all women. The ones looking to get stronger and the ones looking to improve how they look. Choosing to become stronger will usually involve improving how you look, unless your diet is terrible.


Some Reading Material

As always, I’m going to keep this brief.

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What Women Who Lift Look Like

Below are a few pictures of women who lift heavy. This should give you a rough idea of what a female who lifts weights can actually expect to look like. These ladies don’t look too bulky to me, but I guess opinions on that subject will vary like any other. If you don’t want to look like any of them, don’t lift.











Now go lift some heavy-ass weight, ladies!