Video of the Week & Interdasting Articles

Video of the Week

This is more nutrition-related than lifting-related. My buddy Ant (Dippedinblackink on YouTube) threw up a video of him making some breakfast burritos which look incredibly delicious. He usually posts his lifting videos on his channel, but this is also some quality information to pass along to his audience in my opinion.

As Ant himself would say, “Stay strong(er)!”


Articles: How Interdasting!

The following articles might be of interest to you, if you even lift.

The Shocking Truth About Inflammation by TC – This guy is the Editor-in-Chief of T Nation and he tends to write some great articles. This one is about inflammation (both acute and chronic) and some insight on how to treat them without screwing yourself out of potential muscle growth.

4 Steps You Might Have Skipped in Your Strength Training Career by Eric Cressey – A few things you may have overlooked. If you’re just getting started with lifting, this is also a really good read!

Complexes Made Simple by Ben Bruno – A few simple guidelines to use when you create your own complex (i.e. a barbell complex) for conditioning work.

Grip Training: More Than an Afterthought by Mark Watts – Cliffs: Take grip training seriously.