So You Think You Can Deadlift? – Video Series

This is an awesome video series that just came out from EliteFTS about the barbell deadlift. Both the conventional and sumo deadlift are covered. Powerlifter Matt Wenning teaches an amateur strongman how to deadlift with proper technique and also offers him some assistance work options to target his weaknesses.

Tools you need to deadlift: A barbell (a Texas Power Bar is nice) with collars, a floor (possibly with mats or a deadlift platform) and weights (possibly plates covered in rubber or bumper plates). Lifting chalk and straps can help as well.  You may also choose to wear a powerlifting belt. Other optional items: Deadlift jack (Rogue has a couple), bands and chains. A safety squat bar can be nice for Good Mornings.

The videos are below. I’m not sure why the first video is 18 minutes long and the others are only 2-5 minutes long, but maybe Dave Tate has some bizarre reason for it? Either way, the information is terrific.