Pain Relief with Self Myofascial Release from Kai Wheeler

I just came across Kai Wheeler’s YouTube channel and she has some awesome self myofascial release (SMR) videos I wanted to share with you. I touched on this in my active recovery article, but today I’ll just stick to a few quick videos from Kai Wheeler on how to release parts of the body that generally need it.

Tools You’ll Need

For some of the SMR she uses her hands, but a lot of the videos show methods that will require a lacrosse ball (or a tennis ball, if you can’t handle a lacrosse ball yet). Some of them also require a medicine ball.

Personally, I have the following SMR tools: Lacrosse ball (most important in my opinion), PVC pipe (get it at a home improvement store and wrap it in duct tape to make it less slippery), foam roller and Rumble Roller.

Other SMR tools, if you have the cash to spare: This Trigger Point Set and the Trigger Point Roller are pretty badass. A ton of people also love The Stick.






Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) – Outside Hip Muscle

Hip Adductor – Inner Thigh

Rectus Femoris – Quad or Thigh


Gluteus Medius – Glutes or Butt

Piriformis – Deep Gluteal Muscle or Deep in Your Butt … That’s what she said.


Subscribe to Kai’s channel, because I’m sure she’ll be posting more SMR videos in the near future. I subscribed myself, because I don’t want to miss those.


BRB going to do some SMR.