I Don’t Even Lift T-Shirt

This is the coolest t-shirt I’ve seen all week. I saw it featured in the latest training YouTube video from CT Fletcher, where he trains an 18yo wrestler named Kaz (who rocks the t-shirt in the video below).


You can grab it in a variety of styles of course. My personal preference is white text on a black t-shirt.


For Men

The regular ‘I Don’t Even Lift’ t-shirt comes in 11 different colors! The green one below is just an example.


The orange tank top below is just an example as well. There are 8 different colors available for that one.


And the sleeveless t-shirt is a must, if you live in the woods somewhere and were raised by wolves. It’s so awful it only comes as a medium in black. Not like it matters…  you’re probably color blind from huffing paint thinner and inhaling air duster, if you buy this one.



For Women

For strong-ass females that pretend like they don’t even lift, because they don’t want to get too bulky, the t-shirt is also available for women. This one comes in 17 different colors. I had no idea that many colors existed. Again, the pink one below is just an example. Is it sexist that I’m posting a pink one for women? Maybe.


The tank top below for women comes in three different colors (sky blue as pictured below, black and white). The white one actually looks kind of cool, even though the text on it is also white. I didn’t think they could pull that off. It’s all subtle and shit. And yes, the sky blue one below is just an example. I know you were wondering about that!



I’m a t-shirt salesman now. That’s probably a good thing, because I don’t even lift.