Does Cardio Kill Your Gainz?!

Below is a video of Jonnie Candito (US powerlifter at the national level) discussing his opinion on cardio. Cliffs: Do light cardio 3-4 times per week to keep your heart healthy. Add in some sprints for explosiveness.

I agree with Jonnie on this subject. I prefer hill sprints over sprints on a flat surface, but that’s just a small variation of the same type of philosophy. Most of my daily cardio is simply walking my dog for 30-60 minutes or riding my bike for the same amount of time. It doesn’t take much effort at all and won’t kill any of your strength or muscle gains, provided you’re eating enough to compensate for the calorie expenditure from whatever cardio you choose to do.

As he mentions in the video, doing heavy cardio training with a cardio-based goal (i.e. long distance running competitively) will probably affect your strength and muscle size gains (and possibly make you lose some) at some point. A bit of light cardio done 3-4 times weekly mixed with some explosive and/or agility work once or twice a week will most likely only enhance your progress with lifting.

The same goes for doing things like sled drags, prowler pushes, tire flips, strongman workouts, etc. Doing these things will usually positively impact your training as a whole. You just have to find a balance for yourself between lifting, explosive workouts, and light cardio.