Video and Articles of the Week

Video of the Week

The Video of the Week is from Elliott Hulse over at strengthcamp. In this video, he describes a situation when you should back off a little bit with your training to allow your body to fully recover and grow. Pushing in the gym is definitely a good thing most of the time, but sometimes the benefits of backing off just a bit can be tremendous. The tricky part is figuring out when you need to back off and when you should be pushing your body to adapt its work capacity. A lot of the time improving recovery methods (i.e. with active recovery), eating more and/or sleeping more can benefit you enough to continue with your training. Other times, you might need to deload a bit to allow your body to get back to 100% and then push it again.


Some Great Articles to Read

The following are just a couple of articles I came across recently that might help you with your training. If you have the time, read them. If your time is limited, spend it at the gym.

Strong Mind: Haves and Bes by Bryan Mann – An article on why you need to stop complaining about things you can’t change. Start improving the things you can affect instead.

Bench Press Shoulder Rehab by Clint Darden – Two videos on things you can do to help with shoulder pain caused by bench pressing.