Good Reading Material for the Week

Here are some good articles published on various lifting sites in the past week (give or take).

40 Squat Workouts in 8 Weeks by Tim Henriques — A very interesting approach to high frequency training for the squat.

A Realistic Look at Progress: Fat Loss and Mass Gain by Jordan Syatt — This is a pretty good read on how much muscle you can expect to gain and how much fat you can expect to lose (without losing a lot of muscle mass in the process) with the proper diet and training program.

How to Vary Lifts by Jordan Syatt – Another one from Syatt Fitness. This one is great for creating variations of lifts you’re currently doing. Simple changes like the type of grip you use or stance width can give you some variety.

Pre or Post Workout Cardio: When Is It Ideal? by Tony Gentilcore – A look at the different types of cardio and when you should perform them for optimal results.

Build a Thicker Back in 28 Days by Dan Blewett – While I’m not a fan of ‘X days for BLAH’ programs, the exercises described in the article are definitely pretty good.