Best Reads of the Week

Here are some great articles published this week about working out.

The 30 Second Mobility Cure by Max Shank — Some information on how sitting a lot destroys your body and an exercise called a Thoracic Bridge, which you can do to help counter the effects of being in a seated position a lot. A tutorial video for the movement is included in the article.

Training for Maximum Muscle Growth Explained by Bret Contreras – A fairly informative article on how to combine various training variables to grow bigger and stronger.

Four Reasons You Might Not Need to Deload by Eric Cressey – In this article, Eric Cressey explores some situations you might find yourself in, when you don’t need to take deload weeks within the context of your workout routine.

Back to Basics: Creating an Effective Fat Loss Program by Jordan Syatt – A nice set of basic guidelines to follow, when you’re trying to lose fat in an efficient manner.

Six Diet Myths That Are Holding You Back by Jake Johnson – He touches on some very common dieting myths that a lot of people still seem to believe.