Month: June 2013

Bench Press Basics

Just the basics of the barbell bench press. It’s my opinion mixed with some of the best bench press tutorial videos I know of.

Don’t Discriminate at the Gym

Instead of discriminating against people weaker, fatter, slower, etc. than you at the gym, offer to lend a helping hand instead.

Planet Fitness Pat on the Back Video

This is horrible. Don’t ever join a Planet Fitness gym, if you can avoid it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Six Rules of Life – Video

If you need some quality motivation, who better to get it from than Arnold?

Best Reads of the Week

A few great articles. One discusses a mobility movement called the Thoracic Bridge and another one describes situations when you DON’T need to deload.

CT Fletcher – The Steroid Challenge Video

In this video, CT Fletcher challenges you to come visit him and give him a drug test. Go give him a drug test!

Beyond 5/3/1 – New Book by Jim Wendler

If you’re a fan of Jim Wendler’s training program 5/3/1, you’ll be interested in this. He just released his new 5/3/1 ebook called ‘Beyond 5/3/1’.

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) Video

How bad do you want to be successful? This is one of my favorite motivational videos.

Squat Basics

A write-up covering the basics of the barbell back squat and its variations (also includes the front squat). Some common mistakes, mobility work and squat shoes are covered.

Hyphy Mud – Cheap Pre-Workout Drink

Kali Muscle introduces you to his pre-workout drink Hyphy Mud.

Elliott Hulse and Kali Muscle Workout

Elliott Hulse and Kali Muscle working out together at the strengthcamp gym in this video.

Arnold is the Original Troll?

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger invent trolling, when he pulled this prank on Jesse Ventura while filming ‘Predator’? Well… maybe.

Good Reads for the Week

Articles covering such topics as 300lbs strength complexes and whether or not you should compete.

Jerome Mayberry – 10 Commandments of the Weight Room

Jerome Mayberry, self-certified personal trainer, comin’ atchu!

Tests and Exercises for Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is important, especially if you’re planning to bench press and overhead press heavy weight on a regular basis without destroying your shoulder(s). So what can you do to help prevent shoulder injuries?

Incline Bench Lap Dance

Please share this with all your female friends and send them to my gym on bench day.

Deadlift Basics

A 101 type article for the barbell deadlift movement, including key aspects like the deadlift setup, execution and also various types of grip. Variations like the sumo deadlift, trap bar deadlift, and SLDL are also discussed.

Epic Bench Press Maneuver Video

Probably the funniest bench press video ever created.

Good Cardio

A brief look at cardio and how to add it to your training program.

A Couple Books to Read

My two favorite lifting-related books.

Protein Supplements

A very quick answer to the question, whether or not you should buy a protein supplement.

DeFranco’s Training Montage Video

Easily one of the best motivational videos for when you’re about to go lift.


The true meaning of YOLO is You Only Lifted Once. Maybe.

Powerlifting Mentality Video

Mark Bell and Brandon Lilly are both awesome and they’re featured in this video about the mentality of powerlifters.

Nutrition 101

A rough guideline to get you started and headed in the right direction from a nutritional standpoint.

Do You Even Lift? Video Prank

A collection of the ‘Do You Even Lift?’ prank videos.

Active Recovery

Active recovery is what you (should) do to help you recover more quickly between workouts. Find out more about it in this article!

Essentials for Lifting

When you decide you want to start lifting weights, there are a few essential items you should have.