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Strength Camp Challenge – Win $5,000

Elliott Hulse is holding a Strength Camp Challenge with six events:

Deadlift Medley, Medicine Ball Back Throw, Farmer’s Walk, Push Up / Pull Up Challenge, Prowler Push / Keg Carry Medley and a mystery event!

The location is Clearwater, Florida and the date and time are Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

1st place winner gets $5,000! 2nd place gets $1k and 3rd place gets $500.

Click here for more information on the event. 100 entries are going to be accepted. The cost is $65 to enter and there are no weight classes.

Hook Grip Video with Hilarious Comment

This morning, I was watching Elliott Hulse’s latest video about using the hook grip to deadlift with a more secure grip. I fully agree that the using a hook grip is a great way to improve your double overhand grip security (and in turn reduce the chance of tearing a bicep when using a mixed grip). The video is below and you can read more about hook gripping in my Deadlift 101 article.

And then I began scrolling through the comments underneath the video and found this gem, which of course I have to share with you.


Great laughs were had that day!

Strength Camp Camo Tank Tops for Sale

I guess asking Elliott Hulse over and over again where you can buy one of his strengthcamp tank tops has paid off, because he’s finally selling them. You could get yourself an $8 camo tank top at Amazon and just write strengthcamp on it with some marker (okay, you’d probably need a printer to get it right), but it’s much more authentic if you get the tank top(s) from Elliott himself for $25 a pop. I heard they make you stronger instantly. Maybe it’s just a rumor though. Don’t forget you get a wristband too!