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Carl Yngvar Christensen World Record Total


In the video below you’ll see Norwegian powerlifter¬†Carl Yngvar Christensen set a new world record.

1200kg/2646lbs total (WR) Р485kg/1069lbs squat, 337.5kg/744lbs bench press, 377.5kg/832lbs deadlift A true Viking beast.

860lbs World Record Squat at 220lbs


In the video below, powerlifter Chris Duffin squats 860lbs at 220lbs body weight for a world record setting back squat.

Guinness Deadlift Record


In the above video, powerlifter Chris Duffin (check out his YouTube channel here) sets the Guinness World Record for most repetitions with 405lbs in 60 seconds. He hit 40 reps. Holy shit this guy is strong!