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Man in Wheelchair Attempts 500lbs Deadlift

In response to Omar Isuf’s 500lbs deadlift challenge, this man in a wheelchair attempted to deadlift 500lbs.

Ideals for People You Love

Trying to force your ideals on the people you love is wrong. The video and additional information provided in this post explains why.

Foam Roller Fail

Just a hilarious product image for some foam rollers.

Hook Grip Video with Hilarious Comment

A video about using a hook grip to deadlift from strengthcamp came with one hilarious comment.

Gym T-Shirts

Some t-shirts you could consider wearing to the gym. A few of them are awesome in a stupid way and the rest are just badass all around.

You Lift, Bro? Stop Lion to Yourself, Bro

This image is awesome.

Planet Fitness Pat on the Back Video

This is horrible. Don’t ever join a Planet Fitness gym, if you can avoid it.

Hyphy Mud – Cheap Pre-Workout Drink

Kali Muscle introduces you to his pre-workout drink Hyphy Mud.

Arnold is the Original Troll?

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger invent trolling, when he pulled this prank on Jesse Ventura while filming ‘Predator’? Well… maybe.

Jerome Mayberry – 10 Commandments of the Weight Room

Jerome Mayberry, self-certified personal trainer, comin’ atchu!

Incline Bench Lap Dance

Please share this with all your female friends and send them to my gym on bench day.

Epic Bench Press Maneuver Video

Probably the funniest bench press video ever created.


The true meaning of YOLO is You Only Lifted Once. Maybe.

Do You Even Lift? Video Prank

A collection of the ‘Do You Even Lift?’ prank videos.