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Overhead Press Assistance Work

Some assistance work I recommend to help develop a stronger overhead press.

Bench Press Assistance

My take on bench press assistance work based on what I’ve learned in my training.

Video of the Week & Reverse Grip Bench Article

A video about hips shooting up too quickly on the deadlift and how to fix it. Also an article about reverse grip bench press!

Grip Training

Grip strength is important for people who lift heavy weights. Learn how to improve your grip strength with a few simple exercises.

I Don’t Even Lift T-Shirt

The “I Don’t Even Lift” t-shirt is available in various styles and colors for both men and women. It’s the coolest lifting t-shirt I’ve come across in a while.

Women Should Lift Heavy

Why women should stop worrying about getting ‘too bulky’ and lift heavy things instead.

Pain Relief with Self Myofascial Release from Kai Wheeler

I just came across Kai Wheeler’s YouTube channel and she has some awesome self myofascial release (SMR) videos I wanted to share with you. I touched on this in my active recovery article, but today I’ll just stick to a few quick videos from Kai Wheeler on how to release parts of the body that

Earbuds In

A good way to tune out bad music and annoying people at the gym is a tiny iPod Shuffle you can clip to your clothing. There is even a waterproof one!

Video of the Week & Interdasting Articles

A video of my buddy Ant cooking a breakfast burrito and some articles about inflammation, strength training in general, complexes, and grip training!

DOMS Prevention & Treatment

In this article, I’m going to cover a few simple things you can do to help prevent the dreaded Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) as much as possible. If it can’t be avoided completely, I’m also going to offer you a few tools to alleviate it.

Deadlift Assistance Work

A quick rundown of my favorite assistance movements to build a stronger deadlift.

Ankle Mobility

One of the key components to build a strong foundation – for squatting, running and all sorts of other movements – is good ankle mobility. This article covers a few ways to improve it.

Barbell Row 101

One of the best compound barbell movements to train your entire back is the barbell row. Two general types of the bent over barbell row – the Pendlay Row and the Yates Row – are shown in tutorials. Other rowing movements and methods to improve rowing form are included in the article as well.

Video and Articles of the Week

The Video of the Week from Elliott Hulse describes a situation when you should back off a little bit with your training. A couple recent articles about training are also shared in this post.

Hip Mobility

In this article, I’ll be covering some basic stretches and exercises to improve hip mobility. Healthy hips are important both in everyday life and also at the gym or in various sports, so there is really no reason not to make it a priority to at least have decent hip mobility.

Awesome Lifting-Related Reading Material

Another great selection of lifting and nutrition articles found around the Web, including an awesome one from Brandon Lilly called ‘Fight Club’.

Lifting Shoes

This article will cover what shoes you should wear for lifting weights. A lot of good Oly lifting shoes are covered and also some shoes without heel lifts, and even Crossfit shoes. The reason why you shouldn’t wear cushioned sneakers to lift is also discussed. There are some awesome socks at the bottom as well!

Beyond 5/3/1 Kindle Edition Available

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy of the new Jim Wendler book ‘Beyond 5/3/1’, then now is definitely the time to do so. It’s available for $9.99!

Thoracic Mobility 101

Often simply called the T-Spine or mid-back, the Thoracic Spine is a very important part in many movement patterns. This is particularly of interest to people who lift weights, because a stiff T-Spine will lead to problems with the deadlift, squat, OHP, etc. (even your bench press can be affected). Find out how to improve your Thoracic Spine mobility.

Overhead Press Basics

In this article, I’ll cover the Overhead Press, which you may have seen abbreviated as OHP or referred to as the Military Press. It is a movement where you stand up straight and press a barbell over your head without momentum generated by your legs (which is a Push Press). It seems like a straightforward shoulder movement, but it’s actually much more than that when performed correctly.

Good Reading Material for the Week

Good articles published on various lifting sites in the past week (give or take). One article by Jordan Syatt covers some important fat loss and mass gain basics.

Bench Press Basics

Just the basics of the barbell bench press. It’s my opinion mixed with some of the best bench press tutorial videos I know of.

Best Reads of the Week

A few great articles. One discusses a mobility movement called the Thoracic Bridge and another one describes situations when you DON’T need to deload.

Squat Basics

A write-up covering the basics of the barbell back squat and its variations (also includes the front squat). Some common mistakes, mobility work and squat shoes are covered.

Good Reads for the Week

Articles covering such topics as 300lbs strength complexes and whether or not you should compete.

Tests and Exercises for Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is important, especially if you’re planning to bench press and overhead press heavy weight on a regular basis without destroying your shoulder(s). So what can you do to help prevent shoulder injuries?

Deadlift Basics

A 101 type article for the barbell deadlift movement, including key aspects like the deadlift setup, execution and also various types of grip. Variations like the sumo deadlift, trap bar deadlift, and SLDL are also discussed.

Good Cardio

A brief look at cardio and how to add it to your training program.

A Couple Books to Read

My two favorite lifting-related books.

Protein Supplements

A very quick answer to the question, whether or not you should buy a protein supplement.